Monday, April 4, 2016

Another Day at the Doctor's Office

It was hard to move this morning. Swollen painful joints from the yo yo weather added to extreme brain fog from the new med made a difficult examination. She decided to remove the doxepin. Hallelujah! I just haven't been able to function mentally or physically. It has been a long hard three months.

A new infection set in my right jaw. No infected tooth this time, but infection in the gums and traveling down to swollen lymph nodes. After going down a list of helpful dental places, I settled for antibiotics. Dental problems are frequent with lupus sufferers. I've had my share over the years. Problem is Medicare does not cover dental.

So the doctor added back the former meds and added an antibiotic. So my body will have to readjust again.

This doctor moved to a new location with picture Windows in the exam rooms. I watched Canadian geese swim with their babies in the man-made lake. And on the way home it was nice to see the trees, bushes and flowers blooming.

Still a bit chilly here and I'm still wearing long sleeves. Hopefully the weather will even out soon and stop kicking my butt.

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