Saturday, June 4, 2016


Sometimes I just want to scream when dealing with my rheumatologist's office. I received a call on Wednesday that my pain medication was in need of refill from the doctor's office. I thought she had written it for three months. This office has done this before. Instead it was written for two months and I wouldn't see her again until July.

I called the office and spoke to the nurse. I explained the situation and how they said that particular medicine is okay to refill electronically. She argued with me saying it wasn't. I explained how they had sent several refill requests only to go ignored. She said they didn't get any requests. In the next sentence she said it was sent to the Berea office instead of Lexington. So which one is it!?!?!

I called the pharmacy back and asked about electronic refill on the medicine and to check on the number of refills again. Two. Yes, they refill this med electronically. So I called the nurse back and left a voice mail for her to call the pharmacist and check my info. Otherwise I would be without medication for a month.

Never heard back from them. Instead I got an email from the pharmacy saying it was filled for another month.

Doctors - don't argue with your patients. Just makes them have more flares from the stress you cause. Nurses, LISTEN before you respond.

I've never had to come behind a doctor before like I have with this one. Driving me crazy!!!!

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