Saturday, June 4, 2016

Such Joy

This weekend is my prep for a colonoscopy. I hate this stuff. Drink nasty liquid on Sunday and early Monday. Take pills that cramp my system and make me want to throw up.

Normally I have to eat a piece of bread before taking my pills because they cause me severe nausea and acid reflux. So what do I do when I can't eat the bread??!! If I miss an entire day of meds, it will send me into a bad flare.

Sometimes I wonder if pharmaceuticals even think of patients who suffer with these issues before issuing meds for colonoscopies.

I haven't had one in four years. When I was in Dothan, they found precancerous polyps so I had to do this once a year. After four years, the doctor decided I needed to have one done. What took you so long?

I just give up. Doctors don't listen. They don't seem to care anymore so I decided to go with the flow and fight where I have to - like pain medicine issues.

I'm already worn out!

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