Friday, July 29, 2016

I've Had Enough!

 Tonight I stepped on the porch to feed my kitties. A big dog ran up to my porch and tried to bite me. This isn't the first time it has happened. The people in the building next door let their huge dog run around loose. The police have been to that residence five times (counting tonight) since they moved in in November of last year.

Instead of coming over and getting her dog and leaving, she stood on my doorstep and harassed and threatened me. She just kept going over and over and over. Threatened to beat my cats. Threatened me. I'm so thankful my next door neighbor stepped out onto the porch and saw the whole thing including the dog being aggressive.

I kept telling her to leave my porch. She just got worse. She even started yelling at my neighbor when she, too, told her to leave. I told her if she didn't go I'd call 911. She wouldn't budge. I dialed 911 and she walked off.

Two officers came. The first one from Nicholasville listened to what happened and went straight over to her and spent more time with her. When he returned, my neighbor was outside with me. He only said I could file charges and that he could do nothing unless he saw the incident himself.  Only told her to stay away from me and keep the dog on a leash.

The Wilmore officer said more when he arrived. He listened to what we said. I kept reiterating how her harassment was more of a concern to me. He, too, said I could file charges, that he would write up what had happened, and tell her himself that if she came back on this property she would go to jail.

I am utterly amazed. A policeman has to see the incident in order to do something about it. First one had no intention of doing anything. The second one got it.

I'm so tired of this! Isn't there anywhere safe you can live anymore? To think I moved here to get away from crime!

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