Friday, August 19, 2016


The temperatures and weather here has been off the chart. One day hot, next day cool. Several rainy. Today I've been in so much pain. Just can't get comfortable.

One more doctor's appointment on Monday. Time for a plaquenil test and eye exam. For those who don't know, plaquenil, a drug used to treat lupus, deposits on the back of your retinas causing vision damage. Has to be checked at least once a year. I've only been checked once in four years.

Lupus caused a great deal of damage to my vision over the years. Before I left Dothan, I was diagnosed with pre-glaucoma. Not here. I miss the eye doctor I saw in Dothan.

I've been blessed this week. Thank you Christy!

Time to head to the shower. Hoping a hot bath will loosen the pain.

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