Monday, August 22, 2016

What a Bad Day!

When I woke up this morning I had the fleeting thought of how happy I was that I wouldn't have to go back to see a doctor until October. Then I went to the eye doctor! Went in for a plaquenil test and came out with a $40 charge just to get a new glasses prescription, cataracts on both eyes, glaucoma, and plaquenil toxicity. Two more exams to go - one next month with her to check my eye pressure and waiting to hear when I go to Lexington to see a retina specialist to determine damage med has done after taking it 22 years. Can't go off cold turkey because lupus would put me in the hospital. Plaquenil controls the fevers and flares. It is the only medication (besides Benlysta) that controls the flares. All of the other fifteen medications control symptoms. 

So now I have to come up with money for a pair of glasses, to copay eye doctor visits and retina specialist. Once I am safely off the plaquenil, they will start doing cataract surgery. Can you say "cha-ching!"

I am still in shock with the diagnosis. Any prayers you can spare would be appreciated!

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