Saturday, September 3, 2016


I moved to Wilmore to get away from the crime. It never dawned on me there would be drug crime running rampant through this town. The drug apartment now has three big dogs running around loose and two more car loads of addicts inside. My experience with drug addicts and sellers moving in next door to me has always had the tell tale signs. One being a bunch of dogs guarding their stash.

Again tonight I had to call the police. Lucky me! The family across the street had already tried, but no one would answer when they called the police. I just happened to call before my next door neighbor made contact. This neighborhood has just had it. When the neighbor across the street asked if I had called yet, I told her I did, but something might be done if more neighbors called and complained. She then told me she tried and would continue to do so. Apparently the dogs attacked her dog while she was walking him. Not to mention the parents who are worried about their children.

The cops are arriving faster. Little good it did. I was talking with him when he received info back that the woman called in and was out of town. She said someone must have broken into her place for the dogs to be out. We both stood there rolling our eyes. Dumbest excuse I ever heard.

The police are aware this is a drug house and so is the landlord. Just as I expected, as long as he gets his money he doesn't care. I followed up with a call to him informing him what was going on. All he said was that he would talk to her tomorrow. Background check people! Not that hard to do!!

Tie this in to lupus. I'm stressed beyond belief. Started the fevers for a bad flare thanks to all of this. The lack of law enforcement is literally making me sick!

When I moved here four years ago, I was so thankful to have a safe place to rest my head at night. Now safety has gone out the window. I've had more flares than I can count this summer because of this neighborhood. Wilmore should be a shame!

Settling in for a rollercoaster of flares. Too bad I can't hold someone legally responsible for the decline of my health. Hitting them in the pocketbook would light a fire under them to take action. As the cop in Dothan, fonce told me, "Call the police
Every time. Once the criminals know the police are on to them, they tend to move on." Time to move on!

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