Saturday, November 26, 2016

What a Few Days!

My body is still affected by the Benlysta. The best side effect is solid sleep for a few days. The worst is headaches, pain, exhaustion, etc. Will take time to adjust to it. Just hope I can afford to keep the treatments.

I just wasted an hour responding to fools. The Bible says a fool says in his heart there is no God. Some talk just to hear their own words. Unfortunately the Bible also says responding to a fool makes you one as well. I just hate hearing fools attack a pastor's facebook page. Why is it that people who are so angry, disillusioned and don't believe God exists are bullies as well? If you don't believe, fine, don't push your agenda on others. If a train was heading straight for you and someone reached out and snatched you off the tracks, would you be a bully or appreciate the help? And I'm sick of Bible bashers. If you haven't read it, don't speak. I feel the same way about the Harry Potter books. Personally I don't think they're any different than the Disney movies. And yes I have read the books and watched the movies. How can anyone judge something they know nothing about?

Sad to say I'm now aware of the multitude of fools in this world. My advice to you is do your own searching and find the truth. Start reading the Bible, not a prayer book, not a how to book, the Bible. If you don't agree, keep it to yourself.

I had one person say if you use man made medicine you have no faith. Really? Do you wear glasses or know someone who does? Do they not have enough faith? We live in a fallen world. Sin came in with Adam and Eve. This is not the world God created for them. It was a beautiful garden. Man chose sin and the world has gone downhill ever since. Thankfully the end is coming faster than we can ever know. The Bible says when events start occurring like labor pains, the end is near. I look at the news and read the Bible. Both are running neck and neck these days.

Another person said everyone should be angry we have to die. That one hit me hard and made me mad. Then again Jesus had bouts of stating his opinion and his actions spoke louder than words. I have lost every member of my family. It has been twenty years. Lost my health. Yes, I was confused and angry until I learned over time this was part of life. One day I won't hurt anymore and I will dance in Heaven. There won't be a time I ever hate God for my circumstances. I get angry. I get frustrated. I'm human and weak. But I know there comes a time when all of this mess will be gone and life will be eternal.

I finally stopped myself from responding to fools. I realized I was no different than them. Lord forgive me. And Lord please come quickly!

He is the great artist, the great creator. I am so thankful to have His peace.

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