Friday, December 2, 2016

And I'm Feeling It Now!

I went to a school play with a friend yesterday. Just a couple of hours and I was so wiped out. Came home and slept three straight hours. Woke up for two hours and crashed again. Wondering if I'll ever gain any benefit from Benlysta.

I'm curious if there is anyone else out there who has to repeat their story over and over to the same people. Seems like I just repeat why I'm tired or why I'm in such horrible pain. I've learned to watch and see if the person is truly interested before I finish a sentence anymore. Otherwise I just stop mid sentence. Truth is no one will ever know what it feels like to be so limited until they experience it for themselves. Sometimes I feel like no one cares.

Cold temperatures are coming. The pain in my hands is so bad I can barely type. No matter the temperature outside, my hands are always frozen. Seems like the pain starts there and radiates throughout my body. 

I put up a Christmas tree after all. I remembered my Little Bitty Kitty and how she came to me. A couple of years ago this starving flea bitten cat landed on my doorstep. It was as if she was escaping some horrible home. I fed and cared for her, but she wouldn't come inside. She preferred to sleep underneath the neighbor's tree at night. Then one day they cut the tree down. On the first snow day she decided inside was much better than outside. It has taken two years to get her into shape. You'd never know she was the same cat.

So I put up the tree for her. First Christmas she slept under that tree. I felt as though she missed her outdoor one. Took me two days to put it up (takes forever to do anything anymore), but the third day when I awoke and walked into the kitchen, there she was asleep under the tree. Funny the things we do for our "family." 

Time for early bed for me. Just hoping for a better tomorrow.

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