Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas List

It's Christmas again. As an adult the child in me wants to browse the 'ole Sears wish book and circle what I want. But that time is gone. No more wish book. So instead I turn to the internet.

Of course I never get anything, but I can still wish.

This year I have longed to own a record player once again. I had one in my teen years, but it was left behind when we cleaned my daddy's house to move him in with me. There was no space at the new place. The player had a nice cabinet built around it. How I enjoyed it! How I miss it!

So this is my new wish: Crosley 8 in 1 record player with CD in paprika color.

And here is my need Wish: Carpet cleaner upright. I've had all kinds of trouble with the plumber in my apartment. First the toilet overflowed and seeped through  the walls into my bedroom carpet. A friend brought her cleaner and we did not quite finish. So there is a lingering smell. Having a long haired cat presents having hair balls and throw up spots every other day. I try to scrub by hand, but it just doesn't work. I need an upright so that I won't have to bend over. Once bent over, I may not make it up again! Dr

Third is meeting my goal on GoFundMe. I have to pay 20% for the medication. The rest is covered with insurance. Stress is much harder on someone suffering from lupus because stress causes flares. The stress of worry is not a good thing. This is my last hope lupus medicine. There is no other. After twenty-two years of going on medication that stopped working or  made me more sick than better when using it, I've run through the list. Something as small as $1 to $5 would be most welcome. If I can't keep this medication, I don't know where to go next. Please share the link on your social media page and help me get the word out!

Of course I would be happy with a grown up list as well. Hope you enjoy it, too.

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