Thursday, December 8, 2016

Doctor Updates

Monday was my eye doctor appointment. The drops she put me on for glaucoma eye pressure hasn't worked. So she switched to another drop. Cataracts are getting bigger so my next appointment in February will be a pre-op one. The Left eye is the worst and it is first in line for surgery. If the new drops don't lower the pressure, hopefully removing the cataract removal will do so. The longer the pressure stays high, the more damage the glaucoma does.

Monday is dr appointment number two. Three month check up from general MD. New things on the list to check.

Then the Benlysta is the third Monday.

I'm so wiped out from doctors and medicine, all I want to do is sleep. Helps deal with Christmas better. No family. No celebrations. No parties. Just remembering what Christmas is truly about. Thankful for peace.

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