Saturday, December 24, 2016


Last night I watched a movie I hadn't seen before. It was called "Christmas Oranges." Was about an orphan being passed off to another orphanage at Christmas. The owner's brother brought the children oranges every Christmas. Reminded me of my Daddy. Every Christmas from the time I can remember every Christmas my Daddy walked in the door arms loaded with nuts, tangerines, oranges and chocolate drops (for Mama). The older I got, I just thought it odd that this was his choice of Christmas gifts to us. Being a child I just didn't understand.  After all Christmas was for toys and gifts.

Watching that movie last night reminded me of him. I finally understood why it was so important for him to bring his gifts to the table.

My Daddy grew up in a large family during the Depression. They had nothing. Just receiving an orange was a big deal and grateful gift. For him to give us so much more was giving a bounty, overflowing abundance. I'm sorry, Daddy, I get it now.

He's been gone twenty Christmases this year. I miss him more than ever this year. I can no longer eat nuts because they make me sick, but I'd be so thankful for one of his oranges.

Please remember this Christmas Eve not everyone has family. The world has taken a celebration of the birth of Jesus and made it into a family affair. That's fine and dandy for those who have family. But so many of us are alone and this time of year magnifies the loss. If you know someone alone, take time to care.

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