Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Never Know!

This past Monday I had my Benlysta infusion. Was wiped out before I left the hospital. Have been able to walk from the bed to the sofa and that's pretty much it. You just never know how this stuff will affect you.

Been a week where days blend together. The temperatures bottomed out below zero last week and today they're in the 40's. By Christmas Day it will be 60 only to bottom out again. Saturday night we went from Spring temps to thunder and lightening storm to sleet and snow.

 Extreme weather ups and down have a hard affect on lupus patients. It physically hurts.

Sunday is Christmas. I'm here alone this year. I'm so thankful to have feline family. Would be so lost without them. I miss my family so much. Even though they died over twenty years ago, the loss is magnified at Christmas. If you have family, be thankful.

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