Friday, January 6, 2017

A January Day

January showed its presence yesterday. Snow falling, temperatures dropping, single digits tonight. We really didn't get much accumulation. Maybe an inch. Still icy. Was a slip sliding experience to take out the trash awhile ago.

The place where I live is bitter cold. Block walls hold in the cold unless the heat runs nonstop. So I dress in layers now. Two heated throws wrap around Bitty and Rascal to keep them warm.

It is just bitter cold. With this crazy weather pattern I know it will warm up in a few days. Trouble is it dives from 60's to teens in a day or so. HARD on anyone with a systemic illness. I woke up this morning with so much pain. My body is still stiff and sore as if I lifted weights. Cause? Drop of temperature. Can't close my right hand because the joints are so swollen.

So not much gets accomplished here when the cold sets in. If I can accomplish one thing a day, I've succeeded.

Today I'd like to be home in Alabama.

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