Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Heart Is Destroyed!!

My best friend in all the world died this morning. Rascal was 17 yrs old, but so healthy. No sign of what was to come. I went into the kitchen to get something and when I went back to my room, he was gone. Just that fast. He took half of my heart with him. Was two hours before my next door neighbor could bury him. So I sat with him, wrapped him in a blanket and petted him. He was loving on me just a few hours ago. Walking all over me while I tried to sleep. Typical behavior. 

Rascal ran through my door when he was about three months old. It was a very hot day in Alabama and he was searching for shelter and water. Immediately he was my baby. He's been the one soul I could tell all my troubles to, has seen me through so much loss, has been my faithful and true friend. He wasn't a pet. Rascal was part of my heart. 

I am so devastated. And I officially hate the month of January. Anniversary of my mama's death, her birthday, my birthday, and now Rascal's death. If I could cut it out of the calendar and skip it altogether I would. 

I love you my dear friend. Always.

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