Monday, February 6, 2017

Lupus Flares and Update

Lupus flare hit me hard on Friday. Throwing up, severe pain, fevers, etc. Etc. Etc. Emotional upset, stress from neighbor problems, death, and life alone in general just all exploded like a volcano. Been in Bedford three days only to get up today to go to an eye doctor's appointment to do presurgery tests for cataracts.

No hope was given by the doctor to restore sight due to plaquenil toxicity, lupus, and glaucoma working against me. Hoping the removal of the cataract will lower the eye pressure and prevent blindness for awhile. Surgery is March 1st for left eye.

The neighborhood stress! If you wonder if your bad choices have any effect on others, YES IT DOES!! The police have been to the duplex next to me four times since February 1. The police now make it a point to patrol this neighborhood every day several times a day. Problem is they never take the problem away. I made a statement recently saying I wondered if I'd ever find a safe place to live. A friend responded with the question, "what is a safe place?" Spoken like someone who has never experienced unsafe places. I said a safe place doesn't require the police every other day!

Add all of this to the life of someone who is physically ill and whose life is going down hill every day and you have hope fading fast.

I have no patience with cry babies  in the news, fools who want to argue, and people who have never suffered pain. Sometimes I just want to tell Shut up already!

Trust me when I say screaming doesn't help! 

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