Wednesday, March 8, 2017

And So Another Flare

Comes with the territory! Physical stress, emotional stress, change in weather, or no sign at all. Insomnia is a side effect of lupus for me. Two days and nights of no sleep and finally I started to drift off at 3:00 a.m. this morning.

Pain, joint swelling, off and on fevers have been present for this round. Physical stress of having surgery, emotional stress from life in general, and the rain coming in combined for a doosy of a flare. Hurts just to type.

Today I had to chase down my prescriptions. Doctor's office said they sent it in. Pharmacy said they sent request but had no response from Doctor. I believe the pharmacy. Never had any problems on their end. The nurse I spoke to at the doctor's office gave me the same song and dance as the last time this happened. "Oh we sent in the prescription," she said, "you'd better call them again."

I informed her I wouldn't be calling again and told her to call the pharmacy. After all, I've already called both twice today. It isn't my job to chase down my prescriptions. All I ask from the rheumatologist is to keep my medications up to date. When they don't, they blame the pharmacy. Never have they taken responsibility for lack of action. So tired of doing this. Miss the doctor I had in Dothan. Never had to worry about chasing medications or appointments.

Physical stress set in during surgery. Any physical stress causes flares with me. I've been in bed since last week's doctor follow up (except for Monday). Just wiped me out. Insomnia took its turn soon thereafter.

Swollen joints are hard to deal with when you're trying to take one day at a time. Seems to be the road for someone who has suffered from this disease almost 23 years.

My vision is still blurred. Doctor said most people see much better after cataract removal. Didn't work for me. Still don't have a choice in removing the one on the right eye. It is growing at a rapid pace. If I had a choice between losing my sight or hearing, I'd choose hearing any day of the week. Said it will take six weeks to heal up. With lupus it may take longer.

So many days I'm just sick and tired of struggling. Just makes it harder when you have no family.

I've stopped watching the news. Stress of every day life is hard enough without having to determine which news story is true and which one is a lie. So I turned to reading last summer. Read over 40 books while trapped inside from the heat and humidity. Now it is taking me almost two months to read one book. So frustrating.

Life would be so much easier if I had someone else to deal with the day to day problems. Being sick is hard enough. Mixed together it just seems impossible some days.

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