Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doctor Days Ahead

I must say it was so nice not getting up to go to doctor appointments. But now the doctor and hospital trips start again on Monday. 

Benlysta IV is Monday. Still finding myself drained and in more pain by the third week. It is as if I've run out of gas. Feel like I'm moving on fumes. Can't really tell if this stuff is working or not. Then again if I stopped treatment now I'd probably feel the more intense pain just like I did when I ran out of one medication and had to wait two weeks for the doctor's office to refill it. I'm sure it is doing more good than I can tell. If you want to know more about it, go here:

Eye doctor is next Thursday. She's going to check on the healing of my eye from surgery and then set a time for the next cataract removal of the right eye. I still see in blurred vision from the left eye. Had hoped there would have been improvement, but glaucoma is also working against me along with plaquenil still in my system. I can tell the cataract is still growing. 

The following week is the MD. Not much of an exam there since they always depend on the rheumatologist to do the most care. Mostly check in, get prescriptions, and record keeping. Wish there were more. 

Weather takes its toll on lupus sufferers. This week is no exception. High temperatures, bad rain storms and possible snow from extreme drop in temperatures by the end of the week. Most of the time change in weather puts me in bed for days or weeks. It's hard when you're doing this alone. 

Would appreciate your prayers and support. Crazy medical bills still coming in. Found out a week ago one of my meds is not covered through insurance anymore. Cost an unexpected $77 dollars. 

Wishing you a wonderful spring.

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