Monday, August 14, 2017


So thankful to be home. May not be much to some, but I'm thankful for home.

Staples came out today. No numbing the area. Just took pliers and pulled them out. Hurt like crazy. There were 16 Staples.

I'm focused on one thing - rest. So exhausted since coming home. All I want to do is sleep.

Thank you all for the prayers!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What I Won't Miss About Physical Rehab

Had prayed so hard for the discharge to be a smooth thing since entry was a nightmare. No such luck. Social Worker came in to tell me I would go home Saturday. I told her everything I was told this morning and someone needs to get on the right page. She left and came back telling me I was scheduled by her to leave Saturday but I could leave Thursday if I wanted to do so. I almost told her to stand in front of that door and see what happens. My nerves were destroyed by the time she left this room.

I'm going home Thursday.

1. I won't miss someone messing up my pain medication for three days and doing it again this week.
2. I won't miss a parade of staff coming in here telling me all different things instead of getting on the right page and informing me.
3. I won't miss nurses snapping at me in the morning.
4. I won't miss having to fight for myself because of the mess.
5. I won't miss people saying one thing and doing another or not even backing up one word they said.
6. In reference to five, I hate when people promise things and don't follow through. Just don't bother to mention it if you don't intend to do it.
7. I won't miss being awakened at 4:00 a.m. to fill a water pitcher.
8. I won't miss rude people.
9. I won't miss asking for a medication and having to ask again an hour later because no one showed up. Still waiting on one I requested last Wednesday that never came.
10. And I don't understand how they can repeatedly do the same thing to those who are stuck here indefinitely.

I'm packing up tonight so I can leave here by 11:00 tomorrow. If I ever have to have serious surgery again, I will not accept rehab afterwards. I won't go through this mess again.

UpDate in Rehab for sugery

Was told yesterday I will be done with physical therapy today. Met all the goals. I go home on Thursday. Can't wait to get back to my small apartment where it is quiet, crawl into my own bed and have Bitty sleeping next to me. Will be the best medicine of all. Home health will come in for awhile so I should be fine. Have been doing 90% of everything else here by myself. Just a couple more things to set up at home so I can function like installing a grab bar in the shower, setting up a bar that fits between the mattress and box springs so that I can pull  myself up, find a tall metal stool or a bar stool with a back to sit in the kitchen so I can reach the sink to wash dishes, stove to cook.  May take awhile to find a stool as it will be Goodwill or nothing.

Benlysta was Monday and I had gone two weeks overdue. I can tell this stuff works.  Wiped out from the medicine but had to push this week. Had another day with no pain medicine, but thankfully worked out before flare hit again.

THank you to my dear friend Rosemary for the beautiful basket of flowers! Made my day!!

Will update when able.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Finally Able to Update

I'm finally sitting up in a chair with the laptop on the table. Internet connection has been bad here. Taking advantage while I can.

The physical therapist and occupational therapist have been wonderful. Couldn't have picked a better or finer pair of ladies to get me back on my feet. They listen. A very big point since most people around here don't listen and don't follow through. Sad thing is this goes on in facilities like this all of the time. I'm thankful to have a mental capability to fight for myself.

First three days were a nightmare. Took three days to iron out the medications. Not kind to lupus flares. Joint swelling, inflammation and fever or two have been battling the incision and nerve. Turns out there was more damage once doctor opened me up. The siatica nerve was damaged and they had to repair it. His solution to dealing with pain? Walk four times a day. With the lupus and surgery, I've had double decker pain.

Saturday night not having pain medication took its toll. I was in so much pain my entire body was shaking uncontrollably, which nurses said was not a good thing.

Julie has been a God send to me. She stuck by me through the worst of it, feeds my kitties and loves on them, and does what so little do. She goes beyond prayer and actually does something. Too many use prayer as a passing comment or their duty complete.

The hospital was worse experience. Extreme pain. Calling nurse help took a long time. Once they parked me on the bedside potty, left a call button on the end of the bed and left. Call button hit the floor and I couldn't call for help. Forty five minutes later I was crying help toward the hallway because sitting that long after you have spine surgery was excrutiating.

Sunday here at rehab still fresh off surgery they gave me a suppository and took off. After fifteen minutes I pushed the button. No one came to my rescue for an hour. A young lady happened to get off break and see my light. There had been three aides on the hall that hour and no one responded. I had spent the last fifteen minutes screaming help from my bed hearing people pass by the door and no one came in. Nightmare.

I'm to the point where I can pull myself up, walk with the walker to the bathroom, bathe myself, get settled in the chair in the room. Things we all take for granted has become a monumental task. As of now I'm still stuck here until August 17. I plan to work extra hard in PT to get myself out of here. Missing my kitties. Missing my own bed. Missing the silence. There is a parade in and out of here all of the time and I'm tired of people in general. Something to be said for silence.

I almost forgot the phone incident. When I arrived there was no phone in the room. Someone apparently took it home with them. So for three days I didn't have a phone. It was almost a joke of a situation.

So I'm still in room 206 at The Willows at Fritz Farm in Lexington, KY. My best friend sent yellow roses a few days ago which really brightenened up the room. First flowers I ever had in the hospital in the 23 years of in and out of hospital care.

When you find yourself getting out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed for the day, be thankful. One day you may be in the same shoes many of us are in now. One day at a time.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hospital was a nightmare. rehab was a nightmare for three days. i will go into more detail when i'm physically able. Doing four hours of rehab a day. stabbing pain down left leg. bad nerve was repaired and pain is herendous, nothing to do but walk. ONE NEED i have is a bed rail that slides between  mattress and box spring to pull up on my bed. Insurance won't pay. If you can help please let me know. photo from walmart