Wednesday, August 9, 2017

UpDate in Rehab for sugery

Was told yesterday I will be done with physical therapy today. Met all the goals. I go home on Thursday. Can't wait to get back to my small apartment where it is quiet, crawl into my own bed and have Bitty sleeping next to me. Will be the best medicine of all. Home health will come in for awhile so I should be fine. Have been doing 90% of everything else here by myself. Just a couple more things to set up at home so I can function like installing a grab bar in the shower, setting up a bar that fits between the mattress and box springs so that I can pull  myself up, find a tall metal stool or a bar stool with a back to sit in the kitchen so I can reach the sink to wash dishes, stove to cook.  May take awhile to find a stool as it will be Goodwill or nothing.

Benlysta was Monday and I had gone two weeks overdue. I can tell this stuff works.  Wiped out from the medicine but had to push this week. Had another day with no pain medicine, but thankfully worked out before flare hit again.

THank you to my dear friend Rosemary for the beautiful basket of flowers! Made my day!!

Will update when able.

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