Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What I Won't Miss About Physical Rehab

Had prayed so hard for the discharge to be a smooth thing since entry was a nightmare. No such luck. Social Worker came in to tell me I would go home Saturday. I told her everything I was told this morning and someone needs to get on the right page. She left and came back telling me I was scheduled by her to leave Saturday but I could leave Thursday if I wanted to do so. I almost told her to stand in front of that door and see what happens. My nerves were destroyed by the time she left this room.

I'm going home Thursday.

1. I won't miss someone messing up my pain medication for three days and doing it again this week.
2. I won't miss a parade of staff coming in here telling me all different things instead of getting on the right page and informing me.
3. I won't miss nurses snapping at me in the morning.
4. I won't miss having to fight for myself because of the mess.
5. I won't miss people saying one thing and doing another or not even backing up one word they said.
6. In reference to five, I hate when people promise things and don't follow through. Just don't bother to mention it if you don't intend to do it.
7. I won't miss being awakened at 4:00 a.m. to fill a water pitcher.
8. I won't miss rude people.
9. I won't miss asking for a medication and having to ask again an hour later because no one showed up. Still waiting on one I requested last Wednesday that never came.
10. And I don't understand how they can repeatedly do the same thing to those who are stuck here indefinitely.

I'm packing up tonight so I can leave here by 11:00 tomorrow. If I ever have to have serious surgery again, I will not accept rehab afterwards. I won't go through this mess again.

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